Strength + Conditioning

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    All fitness levels

Class Overview
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This class will focus on functional movement. This 45-min class is formatted by having 5-6 total stations with exercises that focus on building muscle combined with stations that focus on short bouts of higher-intensity training designed to increase metabolic demand and increase energy usage. Conditioning may also include running and cardio exercises towards the end of class to give your body a shock and burn extra calories for hours to come.

You will be challenged to lift heavy loads on the strength exercises, yet challenged to move quickly while amping up your heart rate on the stations which the sole focus is intensity using your bodyweight.

This class is suitable for all, however weight training experience is recommended.

  • Monday

    PM 5:45

Really nice place with a great locker room. Very convenient for downtown business types. They have all kinds of classes and yoga available to members. They also have a laundry service for you’re gym clothes so you’re not taking an extra bag with you to work everyday.


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